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SAR 8.50

Fresh melon from the market.Price/Pcs..

SAR 13.50

Fresh Pear from the supermarket.price/kilo...

Out Of Stock

Fresh strawberry from the supermarket.price/kilo..

SAR 15.50

Fresh Green Grape.Price/kilo..

SAR 6.50

Juice mixed fruits Rani -1.5L..

SAR 22.50

Fresh Kiwi fruite.price/kilo..

SAR 6.90

Fresh Lemon. price/kilo..

SAR 6.90

Fresh orange from the market.price/kilo..

SAR 19.50

Fresh Pineapple from the supermarket.Price/Pcs...

SAR 8.50

Red Apple fruit fresh red apples. 1 Kilo price..

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